4 Tips for Managing Your Business Across States

When you are a business owner who lives between properties in several states, you might feel like you’re always scrambling to take care of all of your entrepreneurial tasks – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Today, Statistical Performance Marketing shares some tips to help you delegate your workload, keep your documents organized at each home, and ensure that you make careful choices around your cost of living.

Pick a Registered Agent

Nothing will make it easier to run your business while living in several states than designating a registered agent. You will need to choose an agent who lives in the specific state where your business is already registered. The registered agent must also be present during office hours at the address provided. This is because your registered agent will be responsible for handling pressing business issues should they arise in your absence, such as tax notifications and lawsuits. You’ll lay out core processes for them in advance so that they can make business decisions for you.

Keep Your Business Organized

Organization is essential for business owners – and this is particularly true when you’re running your business from multiple homes. By setting up physical and digital filing systems, you’ll be able to stay on top of everything you need to do. You will definitely want to have a small home office space in each home, as well as a digital file system within a cloud storage program.

Choosing Insurance Policies

Insurance policies are generally tied to particular states - so if you’re currently living between two states, you may want to shop around to see where you can find the most affordable auto and health insurance policies. However, Hayek Insurance states that you should ideally take out a health insurance policy in the state where you spend the majority of your time. This will ensure that if you do experience a medical emergency, you will be able to get coverage for the care you need without traveling far away.   Also, for some additional piece of mind, you should look for home warranty companies in Arizona that can cover any major repairs that your home appliances might require down the road. After all, these types of repair costs often greatly exceed the cost of the home warranty, meaning you’ll save money in the long run – to say nothing of the additional peace of mind.

Evaluate Costs of Living

When you own properties in more than one state, and you can travel between them easily, you don’t necessarily have to pay the highest prices for every service - instead, you can figure out which location offers the best deals. In different cities, prices can vary widely. The following list includes price estimates for a few expenses that every family will need to include in their budget:

If you’re a business owner with properties in different states, you may feel like you’re in a unique situation compared to other entrepreneurs you know. But maintaining your multi-state lifestyle while growing your business is possible. From choosing a registered agent to balancing your cost of living, these tips will help you make it happen.

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