Optimize Your Advertising With Geofencing

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Do you want to optimize your advertising campaign to be more accurate and achieve a higher return on your investment?

If so, geofencing is the perfect alternative for your business.

SP Marketing specializes in providing quality geofencing marketing services to effectively promote your brand. You can provide on our location-based technology to get the most from your advertising campaign with minimal guesswork.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a revolutionary new method of using radio frequency identification (RFID) or GPS technology to determine a geographic barrier. Once this barrier is defined, the administrator can configure triggers to send an email alert, app notification, or text message when a person enters that area.

At SP Marketing, we use the most advanced location-based advertising technology designed to accommodate your specific campaign.

You can utilize our geofencing advertising technology to customize your target audience with pinpoint accuracy and custom targeting shapes.

What can Geofencing do for your business?

Our geofencing technology can give you the competitive edge you need in a competitive industry. If you're interested in how geofencing technology can help you, here are some ways these organizations use geofencing in their advertising campaigns:

  • Personal Injury Attorneys - These individuals can use geofencing to promote their services to injured people at hospitals or auto repair shops.
  • Car Dealerships - Geofencing can be used to target their competitors to measure foot traffic back to their own location.
  • Retail Stores - Stores can use geofencing to run a customer loyalty program by setting barriers around their locations to build repeat customers.

Geofencing is an exceptional way to augment your advertising campaign and bolster your business with quality sales opportunities through hyper-qualified leads.

Generally speaking, you can trigger promotions in the right places with precise geofencing methods.

geofencing cartoon example

Our geofencing benefits

Geofencing can be very useful for your advertising campaign. There are also several benefits of putting it to action, which include:

  • It can be successful as long as the recipient's mobile device is powered on. There are no other requirements.
  • It is highly effective, considering that 90% of people typically have their phone's location setting turned on.
  • It does not require any physical beacons.
  • It can be configured using custom audience shapes and retarget people who revisit a geographical barrier.