Logo Design

Logo design that’s powerful and influential

Our graphic design team creates elegant, powerful and memorable logos that embody each company's brand and message. By combining our design skills and your creative input, we’ll design a logo that shares your mission and overpowers your competition.

Our logo design process:

  1. We get to know your needs and your competition. Before discussing any design concepts, we do our research and discuss your needs/wants involving this project. By comparing your competitor's logos side by side, we can determine industry standards and visual preferences.
  2. We get to know your company more in-depth. Without understanding your goals and philosophy, we can’t accurately share your message through a visual display ad (in this case, logo design).
  3. We start developing a logo design concept and exploring typography and graphic elements. This concept will symbolize the history and future of your business (no “trendy” concept ideas or copied ideas).
  4. We share our concept with you and start working on design. During the design process, we pay close attention to color theory, shape and symbolism and customer psychology to make sure the design is appealing and relevant.
  5. We ask your clients (or target market), for feedback. By implementing your creative design changes and asking for customer feedback, we’re creating the best logo possible for your business.
  6. We start developing new graphic design concepts that will bring you business and create more brand awareness.


WordPress eCommerce Sites

Optimizing the flexibility WordPress offers, our design team can customize your eCommerce platform to fit your business’ needs. Throughout the design and development of your WordPress eCommerce site, we keep your products and customers in mind, creating a user journey that leads all visitors down the sales funnel.

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