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We offer complete WordPress design and development services for customers in need of a website or a website redesign. Our web designers and developers are well versed with WordPress capabilities, allowing us to create beautiful, functional and profitable websites that don’t “expire” . From setting up server hosting to installing and managing your eCommerce platform, we’re here to help.

WordPress services

Our team of experienced web developers and designers will help you with everything relating to WordPress. From website hosting to WordPress website design, we'll enhance your overall website experience and promote more online sales.

WordPress security measures

With every update and added feature, WordPress incorporates new security and safety measures to protect your website. The community surrounding WordPress is also continually releasing new plugins and tools to safeguard your information and protect your site from potential hackers. Although there are a lot of safety measures taken to protect WordPress built websites, there are still potential risks and precautions you must be aware of. Our expert web designers are well aware of WordPress safety risks and can help set up the tools needed to protect your site.

WordPress hosting & set up

Although WordPress is built for the non-technical users, it’s vital that you team with a development firm the properly setup your website’s server hosting and initial security parameters. With our web development and design team, we will make sure that your backend is functioning properly and potential hackers are blocked from accessing your information. Once WordPress is installed and operating correctly, we’ll start implementing tools that would benefit your business and begin adding customizations to your site.

WordPress training

To make your WordPress experience easier, we provide one-on-one training after your site is launched. We will teach you how to add new posts, pages, images and links so you can login and make changes and updates on the go. WordPress training is also available to new customers who didn’t use FireDrum as their web designers.

WordPress eCommerce sites

With WordPress’ flexibility, our web developers have the ability to customize your online store to fit your brand, your message and your business’ needs. We put our focus into user experience and usability so that customers don’t get stuck in their shopping cart and you don’t lose potential sales.

WordPress website design

Our goal is to create engaging, functional and profitable websites for each of our customers.WordPress gives us the tools needed to create a product that far exceeds the results your competitor's website, and increases your overall revenue. Combining our expertise in UI/UX, client experience and user journey, we will create a website that you’re proud to show off. Customizations (such as animations), can be added by our development team to make your website stand out. In addition, we are able to make your experience easy when adding new pages or blog posts. No coding or design knowledge needed! We’ll create custom templates that are easy to duplicate and edit when updating.

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We can help!

We offer complete WordPress maintenance and updates. Whether you need minor tweaks and adjustments, security audits and scans, hacked WordPress clean-up, performance optimization, monthly back-ups, compatibility checks, page and post creation, sitemap submission, plugin updates, and so much more...we can help.

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Why WordPress?

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS with 60.4% of the market share. This means WordPress is used by 33.5% of all the websites online. That’s huge! And WordPress is used by popular brands across the world.

WordPress allows anyone to build a site (no coding knowledge required) and has a community of followers who constantly design and release tools for other users. Because of WordPress’s flexibility, security integrations and unlimited amount of tools, more web designers are using their software. Designers can now focus on the searchability and actual design of your website (instead of spending hours hard coding each page). For customers, it’s simple to add their own blog posts and website pages, and saves them hundreds and thousands of dollars trying to stay current with digital trends.



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