Purchase Intent Data

Eliminate wasteful Digital Advertising Spend!

Do you know who is interested in what you sell?

Now You Can Identify and Market Only to Prospects with Buying Intent

Get sample data of a recent campaign that includes: a unique personal identifier, personal email and lead score for each prospect.

What we do

With ITP Data Activation™ you can market only to prospects who are ready to buy now, eliminating wasteful ad spend, driving down client acquisition costs and increasing revenue.

What Is ITP Data Activation or ITP Activated Data?

ITP =“Intent to Purchase”.

  • Our activation uses Behavior Tracking, Identity Resolution and Machine Learning AI to identify online prospects who are actively pursuing a purchase of what you sell, in real time.
  • Our data will allow you to focus your digital marketing budget only on those prospects who are likely to buy, so you can stop wasting money on those who won’t.
  • The best part is that all of this is accomplished in a PII compliant way.

ITP Activated Data™ is real-time targeting data comprised of lower funnel prospects or the 3% of any market that is actively pursuing a purchase of what you sell.


Our software tracks 260 million US consumers on our Identity Graph and accumulates 50 billion pieces of behavioral data every day. We then apply machine learning to create conversion profiles for any market, product or service.


From these conversion profiles, our algorithms reconstruct PATHS to purchase — what buyers did in the days, weeks or months leading up to the purchase. Our AI then sorts through and looks for those patterns being repeated across the billions of behavioral data points we collect every day.

Our technology gives you click scores along with the behavioral data so you can send out relevant sales messaging based on where the prospect is on their buyer’s journey.

Levels of Intent


Once the ITP Behavioral Targeting Data™ is created, it can power precision email campaigns, or it can be uploaded into:

  • Internet Platforms such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and most Ad Networks.
  • TV platforms such as Amazon Fire, Hulu, Sling, Chrome Cast, AppleTV, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation and a few others. This data can also be used for CTV and OTT.
  • Digital Radio platforms such as Pandora and iHeart.

The Advantages of ITP Data Activation

A marketing campaign that uses behavioral targeting will generate more quality leads and drive more sales.

Behavioral email marketing is a powerful way to leverage behavioral targeting data.

Behavioral email marketing will:

  • Create a better consumer experience.
  • Encourage more consumer engagement.
  • Yield higher conversion rates.
  • Increase your ROI