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With today’s competitive online shopping market, it’s essential that your website is functional and attention grabbing. Our UI/UX designers and software developers work together to craft flawless eCommerce websites that enhance the buying experience from all desktops and mobile devices. We put a focus on creating simple, clear navigations to make sure your customers are finding what they need, and making sure the checkout process is quick and easy.

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WooCommerce is our choice platform when building new online stores. WooCommerce powers over 25% of all eCommerce stores on the web, leading in software customization and web store features. Since WooCommerce’s founding in 2008, our web developers have tested, optimized and exhausted all WooCommerce features to bring you the best eCommerce sites possible.

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Shopify is any other exceptional ecommerce website platform. additionally, the third biggest ecommerce platform of 2017. It promoted itself to the 2nd spot in 2018 in keeping with BuiltWith. on the time of penning this weblog, Shopify is domestic to extra than 20,000 ecommerce stores making it one of the nice on line retail platform.

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Magento ecommerce platform had the second biggest marketplace proportion in 2017 with nine percentage of the global ecommerce market proportion. however, in 2018, the tables have grew to become and it misplaced its dominance to Shopify. Many Magento users switched to Shopify for an less difficult capability, however, Magento offers customization that Shopify is not able to provide.

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Big Commerce

Despite the fact that BigCommerce is relatively a new player in the ecommerce industry, it still has been developing at a whopping tempo of six hundred% in line with year. Their competitive acquisition strategy has allowed them to become a strategic undertaking inside the global opposition and outgrow themselves as an emerging ecommerce platform.

Online merchandising

Creating a functional eCommerce store is just step one to having a successful online business; the next steps revolve around creating a strong online merchandising strategy. Throughout the creation of your website, we’ll develop graphical elements that appeal to and attract your target market (striking their emotional and psychological chords). We’ll also be creating various user journey paths that keep your visitors engaged,  no matter what they decide to click next. All these online merchandising components  will help lead your customer’s down the sales funnel and to the checkout cart.

Usability testing

People shop online because of the convenience. If your eCommerce site is leaving clients confused and clicking around in circles, you’re losing possible sales and creating unhappy users.  To keep clients happy and spending money, your website must not have any dead ends (no broken links), and it must bring users through a purchasing journey. With FireDrum, we make sure that broken links don’t exist and your visitors always have a path to follow from the very beginning. Before the launch of your new (or improved) site, we conduct usability testing to see if the design is easy to navigate and making purchases isn’t a hassle.


WordPress eCommerce sites

Optimizing the flexibility WordPress offers, our design team can customize your eCommerce platform to fit your business’ needs. Throughout the design and development of your WordPress eCommerce site, we keep your products and customers in mind, creating a user journey that leads all visitors down the sales funnel.

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eCommerce frequently asked questions

In short, eCommerce is a transaction of goods and services through the internet. Commercial transactions are being being placed via the web and customer information is being shared virtually. With the right strategy in place, eCommerce can be great for businesses (24 hour salesman!) For customers, it’s an easy way to purchase goods and services they need, with less than half the energy required.

We (and 25% of the internet's online stores), only recommend using WooCommerce for your website's eCommerce system. All WooCommerce websites are mobile friendly, secure, and scalable. There are no limits to what you can do with your store.