5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Dominate 2019

In 2019, nothing is more important to a business than digital marketing. With the world moving online, everything from social media to email to websites are battlegrounds for new customers. So don't miss out on opportunities to grow your brand. Instead, use these proven, powerful marketing techniques that can help you dominate now and into the future.

Here are 5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Dominate 2019:

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1. Get Attention

A few decades ago, the largest obstacle for businesses in their marketing efforts was the financial aspect. Coming up with enough dollars to advertise on tv, radio, and print was a real problem. But today with free social media at the forefront of online engagement, your problems as a marketer can be boiled down to one idea: getting enough attention.

You're not just competing with other businesses in your industry. You are competing with every piece of content on social media and every other app or website that your prospects are using. People have short attention spans today and they have more ways than ever to distract themselves. In order to stand out, you have to find unique ways to get their attention. Without attention, you can never deliver your sales message and ultimately walk your target audience through your digital marketing funnel.

One way to get attention is with a headline that stops readers in their tracks. It should mention something shocking or especially attractive to your market. Also include provocative imagery. Anything that will encourage a person to stop scrolling so fast through their Facebook feed is a good starting point.

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2. Create Interest

Your first job is to get attention, but you aren't finished there. Once you have them paying attention to your marketing, you need to create further interest. How you do this will depend on your market. If you sell vehicles, then focus on special sales and promotions (or how you offer a better deal or better features). If you are promoting a concert, focus on the amazing headliners. In essence, focus on what is most likely to be interesting to your ideal customer. This will keep their eyes glued to your advertising long enough for you to do the next step.

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3. Build Desire

Once you've got their attention and created some interest, it's time to ramp things up. This is where you build desire. You build desire by drawing attention to things that are problems for your target audience. For instance, they may want to lose weight, gain muscle, save money on a home purchase, or become a better public speaker.

By using your marketing to evoke positive emotions of what they can achieve with your product or service, their desire levels will increase. In addition, don't be afraid to point out the negatives. Remind them how awful it is to be overweight, bored, a poor speaker, ripped off, and all the other consequences that come along with not choosing your product or service. This sets you up to be able to close the deal.

Keep in mind that desire is not created through facts and literature. You need to evoke emotions. Images and audio assets are great parts of your digital marketing arsenal to use here. Anything that helps your customers envision their lives with your product (or without it) will solidify the desire they have to make a change in their lives. Use every angle you can think of in making your product seem attractive: appearance, efficiency, safety, cost, social standing, etc.

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4. Ask for Action

The point of building desire is to arouse so much emotion in your prospect that they feel compelled to take action. However, this alone is not enough. You still need to inform them of how exactly to take action. People are not always quick to understand how to resolve their tension, even though you may have taken them through the previous steps above.

In order to convert them into a sale, a signup, or a subscriber, you need to be direct in asking for action. Use a CTA (call-to-action) that is short and sweet such as "click now" or "buy here" or "sign up today." This spells it out clearly so that there can be no confusion that the best course of action for your prospect is to follow your lead.

Simply asking for action is often not enough, however. You also need to pepper in various other techniques. Spark urgency by offering a limited time offer, such as a discount. Furthermore, you can try a "limited quantity" approach. The goal is to get them to take action right then and there. If they hesitate, you are likely to lose them forever. Few people will purposely go back to your website if they don't buy or convert the first time. But that's why you must be persistent.

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5. Follow Up Relentlessly

It's true, most people will not convert on the first attempt. But that doesn't mean you should give up. Instead, you should aim to stay in front of them as much as possible. That way, when they finally are ready to buy, they will be thinking of your company.

There are various ways to accomplish this. First of all, if you were able to get their email address, you can follow up with them via promotional emails and even build a long-term relationship with them. This may be necessary for higher-priced purchases where more trust is necessary.

You can also use pixels on your website that track users. You can display your ads to them around the web on social media and various websites. Eventually, when they really need your product or service, you'll start to see clicks and conversions from this method.

When it comes to digital marketing, you need to be smart. You can't afford to let your competitors use the techniques above while you sit idly by. Use the proven strategies in this article to make sure your company continues to grow and dominate in 2019 and beyond. Then, enjoy your peace of mind as profits increase and your stress levels go down.

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