6 Holiday Marketing Tips for Businesses of All Sizes

The holidays are exciting times for businesses. People tend to have more money thanks to bonuses, which means that they're looking for something to spend it on. It's a tremendous opportunity, one that your marketing department can help you strike.

Here are six marketing tips businesses of all sizes can use to leverage the holidays:

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1. Get People Hyped with Countdown Timers

One of the best things that come with the holidays is a sense of urgency. Holidays don't last forever, and neither will your special deals and discounts. Put the fear of missing out to the fore by adding countdown timers to your sales.

There are plenty of ways you can utilize this, from putting updates and timers on your sites to sending email reminders to customers when the time is almost up. Even a simple reminder can provoke action they would not otherwise have taken.

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2. Start a Holiday Email Campaign

Email campaigns remain a staple for many businesses around the world and come in a myriad of forms. Leave an online cart without purchasing its contents and many companies will retarget you through email. When done correctly, an email campaign is non-intrusive and can remind people about your company's offerings.

Early launching of a holiday marketing campaign through email can net you a lot of customers. Many start shopping for the Christmas season at around November, for example. Sending it then maximizes returns and makes your campaigns more effective.

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3. Make Your Content Marketing Fit the Holidays

Themed holiday articles and videos may not be evergreen, but that lack of sustainability is more than made up for in timing and appropriateness. No marketing team worth their salt ignores the value of content marketing, so go ahead and approve their holiday content plans. If it is valuable and solves the problem your consumers are having, they'll be interested in it. For example, an article explaining how your service or product solves a problem common through the holidays can drive sales that would not exist at other times of the year.

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4. Create a Gift Guide for Your Customers

Gift shopping can be a startlingly stressful process, with the vast majority of issues revolving around actually figuring out what to purchase. The good news is you can help your customers with that problem. Creating a gift guide for popular holidays serves as a lead generation machine, something that not only solves a customer's problems but points them straight at your offerings.

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5. Angle Your Social Media Strategy Accordingly

If your business's marketing team is doing its job, you'll have a social media presence. Whatever and wherever it is, you need to make sure that it aligns with your holiday plans. It's where most of your direct reach will come from, and it needs to get with the program so your holiday marketing campaigns will be useful.

The only problem you face is being too overwhelming, which is why you should spread out your holiday-themed posts. Start the posts a month early. Make sure your graphic designers are also on point and can make themed changes to your brand while staying true to it.

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6. Offer Shipping Discounts

Do not underestimate the value of shipping discounts. There are plenty of perfect gifts that are just out of reach of travel for many people, which makes shipping their primary delivery method. Offering shipping discounts during the holidays lets you compete with the big boys like Amazon without crippling the rest of the year's revenue.

If you're having trouble crunching the math, so you come out ahead with free or discounted shipping, you can always set a minimum purchase amount. Alternatively, you can offer it for your lighter items.

Years are long, and there are plenty of holidays to take advantage of. If you're looking to give your business a boost, target one and make a marketing campaign revolving around it. Do it soon; the earlier you start planning, the better things will come out.

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