5 Ways to Improve Your Business' Digital Marketing ROI in 2019

If you want to improve your business' digital marketing ROI (return on investment) in 2019, you must develop a strategic plan-of-action to optimize your results. Digital marketing can be a serious driver of revenue for brand builders, but 'spray and pray' marketing won't work. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur wanting to maximize your company's growth efforts in 2019, following are five essential digital marketing changes you should be making.

Mobile Marketing

If you make only one digital marketing change in 2019, upgrading your mobile marketing strategy is likely your best bet. Regardless of whether you are targeting the B2C (business-to-consumer) or B2B (business-to-business) sector, a large percentage of your target customers will access your company's information via mobile device. The sooner you develop a detailed mobile marketing strategy, the sooner you can engage with customers actively searching for businesses just like yours. A mobile optimization strategy should include everything from upgrading your website to making sure your content marketing strategy includes chatbot technology to improve audience engagement.

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Content Marketing Analysis

Speaking of content marketing strategies, if you want to improve your digital marketing return on investment in 2019, develop a plan-of-action to analyze your content marketing outreach on a regular basis. Content marketing analysis helps you understand whether your buyer personas are working, whether your content distribution strategy is reaching the right audience, and whether you are publishing often enough to extend your brand's reach.

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Video Outreach

Video marketing is more important than ever in 2019. Consumers are engaging with content on their mobile devices in increasing numbers, making video the perfect audience engagement tool for savvy brand builders. Increase your business' video outreach in 2019 by using multiple tools including YouTube, Facebook Live, and Twitter video uploads too.

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Influencer Analysis

Analyzing influencer campaigns is another excellent way to improve your business' digital marketing return-on-investment. Track how other brands are using influencer marketing and then use that information to tweak your content marketing and social media marketing strategies. Even if you don't engage influencers to grow your brand, you can use the information gleaned from other influencer marketing campaigns to adjust your brand building efforts.

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Chatbot Outreach

Thanks to easy-to-install chatbots, connecting with consumers is now easier than ever. Use a tool like BotList (botlist.co) to find artificial intelligence chatbots for your website or social media profiles. Bot technology allows you to have AI-enabled conversations with potential customers and build profitable relationships in the process.

Incorporate these five business development tips into your digital marketing strategy and there's a mighty good chance you will significantly improve your return-on-investment in 2019. Focus on building connections with consumers and providing valuable content to ensure your digital marketing outreach efforts are optimized for success.

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