How to Gear Your Brand Toward Millennials

Years have passed and time has changed enough to introduce an entirely new workforce and market into the world. Individuals born from at least 1985 to 2000 are identified as Millenials.

The name of this cohort is derived from the generation’s childhood and adult years after the year 2000, the new millennium. As of right now, Millennials make up a large majority of the workforce and represent a large proportion of worldwide consumers.

Therefore, if you’re indifferent towards this generation or have no idea of how you can adapt your marketing strategy to tailor to them, you could alienate much of your customer base and rapidly lose revenue opportunities.

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Fortunately, Millennials aren’t that much different than previous generations and reaching them isn’t rocket science. In this article, you will learn a few Millennial marketing trends you can follow to develop an effective, modern marketing strategy.

Utilize Video Marketing

Video is apparently beloved by Millenials. An in-depth study from Animoto proved that 80% of Millenials will use videos to conduct research before making a purchasing decision.

This is a huge statistic, mainly because video marketing was commonly viewed as an optional tactic. In a world where Millenials possess market influence, this is clearly not the case.

The good news is that utilizing video marketing is relatively inexpensive and simple to master. Here are a few tips to get you started.

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  • Use YouTube - YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming website and most of its users are Millennials. It’s free to create and personalize your own channel to begin making videos.
  • Obtain Necessary Equipment - Invest in a quality video camera (a smartphone will suffice), editing software, and a photo editor to make creating videos possible.
  • Keep Your Videos Handy - It’s important to promote your videos on social media, but you should also post them on your website and even on your blog. Keep your videos handy and available in case your audience prefers to watch it instead of reading your content.

Video marketing isn’t difficult, but it will require some patience and skill to edit and produce high-quality videos your audience will relate to. Nonetheless, video marketing is the gateway to a Millennial’s attention.

Prioritize Mobile Interaction

25% of Millennials typically spend an average of five hours on their mobile phone, while 25% check their phones more than 100 times per day.

As a result, it’s essential to optimize your marketing strategy for mobile devices. Particularly, you will have to adapt to how you create ads that will appear on a smartphone or tablet.

This means that if you’ve been getting by with a website that’s not mobile-friendly, you’re going to need to get with the program. Ultimately, you can work with your web designer to optimize your landing pages and advertises to leverage a mobile-friendly design and experience.

You can also take advantage of in-app ads, Instagram story ads, discovery ads from Google’s video.

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Work With Influencers

What sets this generation apart is their indifference of traditional advertising methods. Simply put, Millennials don’t like to be advertised to. Instead, they rely on friends and influencers to steer their purchasing decision.

Influencers are extremely popular individuals on the internet and social media. They possess large followings you can use to spread your message and promote your products.

68% of Millennials agree that they can be influenced by their peers on social media to go through with a major purchase. Therefore, if you really want to get through to this new generation, you’re going to have to utilize a platform that is proven to generate attention.

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To do so, hire a popular influencer that has a similar target audience and check to see if they possess the values you would want from someone representing your business.

Next, initiate a small trial with your influencer where they can promote your products or services. In this experiment, pay attention to how many referrals you are receiving every week.

If this number increases steadily over the next few weeks, you have just found the right influencer for your brand. If not, don’t worry. There are countless influencer platforms that can match you to a suitable influencer.

Begin Your Millennial Marketing Strategy

It doesn’t require much brainstorming to understand how to market to Millennials. Taking advantage of social media and video marketing is a great way to leverage mediums that Millennials are already using.

As long as you are willing to adapt your marketing strategy with modern times, you should succeed at impressing this new generation, while boosting your conversions and sales opportunities. Interested in learning more? Contact us!

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